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Safety Policy

Prevent Tip-Over Accidents

Prevent TIP OVER accidents! It is heartbreaking! Serious and fatal injuries occur from an all too common “TIP OVER” accident. Most often when a curious child climbs or pulls on an appliance or piece of furniture and it turns over. The Consumer Product Safety Commission reported that a child dies every two weeks from a furniture “TIP OVER” event. If you have a dresser, bookcase, or armoire in your house – NEVER assume it is stable! It is a hazard for a young child.


We highly encourage and even supply free of charge anti-tip hardware to be installed on every top-heavy furniture we sell. Please install this safety hardware according to instructions whether you have a full-time youngster or a special visitor. Its simple, easy and will give you the peace of mind to welcome young visitors of any age to enjoy your home.

Extra Safety Tips
  • Do an inventory of each room of your home. Specifically note top-heavy furniture that should be anchored to the wall. You can purchase kits at most all hardware stores, Amazon or simply call us at 843-900-3455 – we will send you one on us!
  • Follow instructions carefully for wall mounting – use appropriate wall anchors where needed. The best anchor is the wall stud.
  • Use a wall mount or furniture specifically made to house TV’s to prevent TIP OVER.
  • Do not store tempting items that attract the curiosity of a child on top of furniture – toys, trinkets, treats or remotes.

SummerHouse Policies

Return & Exchange Policy

First and foremost, we want our customers to be ecstatically happy with their purchase. We would love to go above and beyond to make this a most enjoyable experience. We are committed to providing every effort on our end to make that happen. We have strict return policies we must follow with our furniture manufacturers. Damaged items, of course, will be returned and exchanged. We must have the original packaging for the determination of manufacturing or shipping liability. In the case of special orders, this adherence to proper documentation and packaging is mandatory.


Once items are delivered out of our hands it can no longer be considered new. Please take special care to measure, color match, and select with prudence. If you need assistance, we offer design consulting that can help you answer the selection options, the delivery measurements, and the suitability to your décor.


Damaged merchandise or missing pieces must be reported to us within 48 hours of purchase, so please open your packages to check for damages as soon as you receive your item(s). We will work directly with the manufacturer to get damaged or missing merchandise replaced. You must save your original packaging as it is required for replacements.

Delivery Policy

SummerHouse offers white glove delivery service for your selection of furniture, art, mirrors, lighting, artwork, and rugs for areas within a 20-mile radius of SummerHouse. Rest assured that you will receive your furniture in perfect condition, as we check every piece after it arrives in our facility, and before it is handed over to you. We will ask that, additionally, you inspect each piece thoroughly. Identifying damage before the final signing of acceptance is critical to maneuvering a smooth replacement item.

  • A dedicated Purchase and Delivery staff member will contact you within 3 days to confirm your order is correct, your piece is available, an estimate of customization process times, and a good estimate of delivery day range.
  • At this first contact with Purchase and Delivery, please explain any timing obstacles, so that we can work within your perimeters. If you prefer to pick up your furniture in-store, please let us know at this time.
  • Our delivery team cannot move existing furniture. They cannot hang mirrors or lighting.
  • An appointment and signature will be required.
  • SummerHouse cannot deliver to a residence that does not have an adult present.
  • Delivery fees are non-refundable.
  • For orders placed with a debit/credit card where the billing and delivery address don’t match, the cardholder must FIRST submit a copy of a valid ID. Feel free to take a picture and send it to us in advance.
  • We need your help to ensure a smooth delivery process:
    • Please provide our team with a clear path to place your items exactly where you want them.
    • Please remove any valuable or breakable items from the path. Any mishap disappoints us as much as it does you.
    • Please measure, measure, measure. Look at the path and determine if the items you purchase require a tight squeeze or simply will not fit. We cannot hoist furniture onto an upper floor. We cannot accept returns for improper or failure to measure.
    • Keeping small children and pets from under foot will help the delivery process go smoothly. Please make the effort to help in this area.

Delivery Options

Basic White Glove Delivery: $150
  • Any and all furniture or furnishing items on your sales receipt, whether 1 or 10 pieces, for one charge. It is most economical to order all of your pieces in one sales order to save on delivery costs.
  • The SummerHouse delivery team will unpack, inspect, and assemble if necessary, all of your items.
  • They will remove any packaging material. (Note: Original manufacturer’s packaging IS NEEDED for returns. Ask to keep it if you may want to do a return. No exceptions.)
  • Basic delivery includes delivery to the first floor only.
  • Basic delivery includes delivery within a 20-mile radius of SummerHouse.
Outside 20–50 Mile Radius: $75 Upcharge
  • Radius will be determined via GPS direction provided by Google or Apple Maps.
  • Radius will be determined by our Purchasing and Delivery staff during our first delivery telephone meeting.
  • Delivery outside a 50-mile radius will be priced on a case-by-case basis. Our Purchasing and Delivery staff will be glad to consider the costs before you commit to purchasing.
Delivery to Areas Above the First Floor: $75 Upcharge
  • Includes second or third floor inside a dwelling or a dwelling that is on the second or third floor.
  • Deliveries to floors or dwellings above the third floor will be addressed on a case-by-case basis and determined in advance.
Showroom Pickup & Small Item Pre-Assembly Service: $50 Per Piece

You can avoid any delivery charges by choosing the free option of picking up your furniture at our showroom. For orders being picked up, we offer a convenient pre-assembly service on small, approved items. Each piece of furniture you purchase this service for will be completely built when you get to our showroom to pick it up. That way, when you get it home you can simply put it in place and begin enjoying your new home decor.


Interested in pre-assembly on your pickup order? Contact us to buy this service and to check which of your furniture pieces are eligible for this service.

Re-Assembly Service: $75 Per Piece

Sometimes things don’t quite go as planned, and the TV stand build that you thought you’d be able to manage turns into a pile of confusion and backwards screws. When you’re wishing you had opted for a higher-tier of delivery service where our pros would complete the build for you quickly and correctly, just stop what you’re doing and contact us to setup an appointment for our reassembly service! When you purchase this service, we’ll send our pros out to end your assembly woes. They’ll pick up where you left off, even un-assemble if necessary, and re-assemble your furniture correctly so you can start enjoying the new addition to your home decor.


Pricing can vary depending on distance from the showroom. This service is only available to addresses inside the Charleston MSA area.