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SummerHouse Furniture Summerville SC Savannah Glass Plate

Our Story

SummerHouse – a name originally used in the 12th century meaning a shelter used for relaxation in warm weather, a second residence near the sea that escapes the trapping of a formal dwelling.

Today, SummerHouse conjures visions of beautiful sun light, airy spaces, lightweight casual furniture, and happy, bright and pastel furnishings. A place where flip flops are welcome, schedules are scarce, and the leisure life abounds.

SummerHouse was envisioned to help clients embrace the peaceful leisure of their lives. A home that is casual, relaxed and beautifully comforting. SummerHouse is dedicated to helping clients discover their unique version of lowcountry living. Whether it is pure low country, an urban fusion, or a mix of traditional and casual, we can help find a style that is authentically your view of this part of the world.

Our Strategy

Rarely does someone get the opportunity to start from scratch with all new interiors. Rarely is someone a singular style. We are as different in our styles and how they present as we are in our choice of dress or car or favorite color. Interior design is a fluid process. For some it is in constant change, always looking for a new fresh look, for others it is an anchoring to what means home, where they find comfort in the predictable.

Even as we gather, nudge or tweak our environments, it seems we are always morphing them. Not unlike how we approach moving through life. We find ourselves in our hectic heyday only to turn around to be in the calm of life. Your home will, and should, be adaptable to the subtle changes of our journey.

As SummerHouse was emerging the question often asked was “What kind of furniture will you carry?” The simple answer is: Something for everyone, in varying price ranges. No one can predict or anticipate that an entire market is landing in the same place in their lives. To serve the market well, SummerHouse will carry a wide variety of products at a variety of price ranges. Understanding our clients, listening to their needs, picturing their vision, and scouting the product that truly fits at a comfortable price is our goal.

We are delighted to help you find your uniquely ideal home.

SummerHouse Furniture Summerville SC Savannah Glass Plates