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Combining styles is a true reflection of the depth of your personality. Fusion is such a great concept. Embrace your feminine, practical, international, lowcountry, traditional, and modern sides. We can put some styles front and center, then sprinkle in the others to find the perfect balance.


Popular Products

Bringing you unique and quality-made furniture season after season. SummerHouse offers all categories of substantial and accent furniture from world class manufacturers and boutique artisan builders. We provide quality at an affordable price.

The absolute easiest way to change the vibe of your room. We have a great pillow program that lets you change your space for the cost of a cover!

Master Bath, Powder Room, and Front Hall. Transform these distinctive spaces with your flare of design. We have a never-ending supply in our showroom and any possible option to suit your taste.

Whether it's lighting over a kitchen island or a statement piece over a dining table – lighting upgrades are the most economical, impactful, and impressive transformations to any space. Lighting is the oh la la, the jewelry, the icing on the cake, that takes the plain and predictable to the spectacular!

Rugs can be tricky or they can be fun. Set up your space to be able to change a small accent rug – just like you would a pillow. Cover the floor with a warmth and texture that creates a blank slate with carpet or a natural sisal, jute or seagrass. Then, add your personal style preference in a smaller selection on top! Voila!

It's those unique pieces. The ones that make your room special, authentic and definitively you! We are always on the hunt, always looking around, scouting for what we think will capture your eye – hold your attention.